Artificer Class Now Available

The Artificer has been a well-loved class within Dungeons and Dragons, both by myself and by the community as a whole.  Artificers are individuals who combine a mastery of science with complicated arcane knowledge to invent fantastic trinkets of magical power.  In 5e, the Artificer was recently released under the Unearthed Arcana title as a playtesting class.  While a welcome surprise, public opinion so far has been that this playtest material has some great concepts, but ultimately falls flat in creativity, customization, and gameplay.

No two Artificers should be the same; that is the core of my design philosophy.  They are inventors and tinkerers, whatever their specialization, and that should reflect in the class design.  As such, my alterations to the base Unearthed Arcana try to grant Artificer players more customization options, both in general character design and gameplay.

Anything I release through Geeks New England for DnD will be completely free.  Unfortunately, this particular title cannot be found on DMsGuild, but you can find the pdf for version 1.1 here from Homebrewery and also here from Google Drive.  Please feel free to critique, test, and comment.


Version 1.2  04-10-2017


  • Minor text fixes.


  • Reworked Volatile Concoction. Now, formulas that have been boosted through the feature automatically deal increased damage (or increased healing), and then you can choose an additional effect on top of that. This increase to damage and healing is also different; instead of dealing +Int mod dice, the dice type you use increases by one (so d6 become d8, d8 become d10, etc.). Additionally, you now get to use Volatile Concoction a number of times equal to your Int mod daily, instead of based on your Artificer level, and additional options have been provided such as ignoring time limits for formulas. The change to damage makes the feature less powerful damage-wise, but prevents situations where players will only choose the damage-increasing option. The Int-mod daily limit remains at the same cap (5 for most people), but allows for increased usage if you are able to get your Int higher with magic items while giving lower level players more uses of the feature (assuming you ensure you have a decent Int score at character creation, of course).
  • Added to the Imbibed Immunity feature, making the Alchemist logically better at dealing with their own formulas (in the possible and likely situation when a bomb goes off in their faces).
  • Alchemical Acid should come before Alchemical Fire alphabetically, and now it does.
  • The Alchemist can learn one more formula than before, at 6th level, and the formula gained at 17th level was changed to 18th level to prevent alchemists gaining too much at 17th level.


  • Changed the Modifications learned at 7th and 10th level to 6th and 9th level to better match the Alchemist’s progression.


Version 1.1  03-23-2017


  • Altered which spells are viable for the Wondrous Item feature. I found that the rules I had provided made certain spells unavailable (by RAW) that would make perfect sense for an artificer to take, while other spells which were allowed per the same rules were more iffy. Ultimately I decided that, if you can justify it, you can use it. So all spells from level 1-5 (still dependent on artificer level) are available to use. Added a clause that allows spells which conjure creatures (such as Find Familiar and Conjure Elemental) to create a construct instead of their normal creature type, so that mechanical-focused artificers can use the spells to basically build more constructs. The creature retains its normal statistics but is now considered a construct and thus gains immunity to poison (and the poison condition; really this should just be a rule that’s in 5e for constructs in general).
  • Added a section at the end of the document detailing multiclassing options as well as alternate starting equipment options.


  • The Flash Ice formula now deals 2d8 cold damage to any creature in the affected cube that fails a Constitution saving throw, providing some manner of slight extra utility.
  • Added the Poison Bomb formula. The Poison Bomb creates a 10-foot radius area of poisoning fog which can poison enemies within.

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