Prep Less, Game More… A Limitless Adventures Review

Disclaimer: We received a Limitless Adventures encounter pack in exchange for an honest review. Second Disclaimer: This review will contain plot spoilers for Legends from Aeramis episode 12, “The Secret of the Lionheart Inn”.  I’ll mark the relevant portion at the bottom of this review if you have not yet listened, but you can read safely until […]

5 Things the Harry Potter Films Did Better than the Books (Pt 2)

Welcome to part 2!  I’m discussing things that the Harry Potter films improved upon in comparison to the books.  As a reminder, these points are all my personal opinion, not fact. If you somehow got here first, check out part 1 here. With that, let’s continue. 4. Harry’s interaction with Ron and Hermione before going […]

5 Things the Harry Potter Films Did Better than the Books (Pt 1)

I know, right?  An opinion piece, and it only took half a year to write it. In all seriousness, a majority of the blog is probably going to be dedicated to posting Legends from Aeramis episodes and updates about that world.  But when inspiration strikes I’ll continue to write articles about other things I’m interested […]